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This site & the information contained herein

2005 - 2015

About this Site

           In 2005 when this site was launched,  there was limited information about COPD here in Canada.   With the exception of the Canadian Lung Association and the Canadian Thoracic Society (which had minimal information until the last several years),  we had to rely on information mainly acquired through American forums, one British forum, several American sites and a list serve.  Canadian doctors were sometimes as slow to the latest knowledge, information and best practices as the patient.


         Out of frustration,  and recognizing a need  for easy  to understand   disease info,  and for those living with same ,  this site was built. 


        It was the  first Canadian COPD site dedicated solely to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and,  equally important, COPD patients and caregivers.

       Originally developed and written and  then launched in November 2005 for World COPD Day by a COPD patient (Jackie Whitaker),  it is currently still overseen, being updated  and edited by her.  

        Subsequent to the launch of this site, in October 2007 she founded COPD Canada Patient Network and with several like minded individuals as the first  Directors, (Chris Wigley, Barry Brooks, Ellen Hodgson, Jackie Whitaker)  it became an organized group and incorporated as  a not for profit.   This site was then used as it's web presence.   ( Additionally in 2007, Canada's first, and only, message board/forum was created.  COPD in Canada & The World.  It continues to provide information, education and support to COPD patients everywhere.)

        In  January 2008 CCPN received Charitable Status.   A "tremendous"  amount was  then accomplished locally, nationally, internationally and; most important of all,  for patients directly and indirectly.

       In December 2013, the  Board of Directors of COPD Canada Patient Network voted to dissolve the Corporation (CCPN) and this website  reverted back to  COPD Canada.

       Although intended as an easy to navigate information resource for patients;  many  companies, organizations, individuals; domestically and internationally, have used, continue to use, and benefit by the information contained within.

       Everything begins with education and it is hoped this site  will be part of your learning curve!


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