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Mark W. Mangus, Sr., BSRC, RRT, RPFT, FAARC



Mark W. Mangus, Sr. has worked in respiratory care for 37 years taking a non-traditional path to earning his credentials.  Like many of his era, he began as an OJT, receiving his CRTT 10 years into practice after completing a one-year ‘C of C’ program.  Earning Associates Degrees in Arts and Science he challenged and earned the RRT, CPFT and RPFT credentials.  He completed his BSRC at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio in 2000.

As a hospital staff therapist, Mark spent more than 20 years critical care. Additionally, he spent more than 15 years in home respiratory care, helping to launch and build several independent HME companies, serving as a consultant and on-call therapist for a number of companies along the way.  Mark taught clinical respiratory care for three years at St Philips College, San Antonio and Management of Respiratory Disease for six years at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.  

As part of launching a new hospital for the Christus Santa Rosa system in San Antonio, Mark launched a Respiratory Therapist-driven Outpatient Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program in 1989 that over nearly 20 years has seen more than 3000 patients and become a resource for numerous programs throughout the region as well as a training center for respiratory care training programs in south-central Texas.

In 1998, Mark joined the on-line COPD group EFFORTS (Emphysema Foundation For Our Right To Survive) and became a part of the medical advisory board where he continues to share his knowledge and caring with those who suffer from COPD and other chronic respiratory diseases. 

Mark served as a consulting editor to the journal Respiratory Care from 1984 – 1990. He currently serves on the editorial advisory boards and writes articles and columns for a number of publications for those with lung disease and those who care for them, including; “The Pulmonary Paper”, “Breathing”, “Everything Respiratory” and assorted newsletters.  He recently contributed to the revision of the American Lung Association publication; “Around the Clock with COPD” and the new publication; “The Caregivers Guide to COPD”, published jointly with The American Lung Association and Krames Co.  He has lectured extensively on topics encompassing pulmonary rehabilitation, management of COPD and home oxygen therapy/Long Term Oxygen Therapy (LTOT) among other topics.

Disclaimer:  The response supplied by Mr. Mangus to your question is intended solely as  "general information"  only and  NOT  diagnostic in any fashion.  Mr. Mangus's  answers are based on his understanding of your query and on his personal knowledge and training.   As with anything of a medical nature you should ALWAYS check with your physician. 


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