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Exercise & COPD

It would be impossible to go into detail the how, why, type etc re: exercise for people living with this disease. It would take more than this site's available space and with only 2% of the Canadian COPD population able to get into a Rehab program in Canada (due to lack of everything), chances are you'll have to teach yourself.

The best exercise?  Walking.

The reality is YOU MUST exercise.  This isn't an option for you as a COPDer.  Can only walk a few feet?  Great; that's a beginning!  Now add another step and again and again and again.  A little bit more each time and it WILL pay off.

Chair bound?  Start with learning to move to the edge of your chair first.  Then, off your chair. Then a couple steps,  then a few more steps. Then a few more. Every little bit helps!

Put simply; everything you do you need oxygen. Walking, talking, showering, combing your hair.  Unfortunately  with COPD you're restricted. BUT; there is HOPE! 

The more "in shape" you can get your muscles etc; the LESS amount of oxygen you'll need to do that walking, talking, showering and hair combing..  This means you'll have an easier time with the day to day living/functions.  Makes sense and sounds simple doesn't it?

It's not.  Exercising with COPD can be very, very hard work; especially when you first start out. Depressing too.  BUT; YOU CAN do this and it will help you tremendously.

On the COPD in Canada & The World's message board/forum, there's a lady there by the name of Joyce who shared  her rehab visits (broken down in Days).  Maybe follow her journey?

 Most of us can't get into rehab but we can learn from some of the things she shares with us.  Additionally you can always ask questions of her, or anyone, since several members have also  attended rehab. 

(You don't need to be a member for the message board to read or post....)


Giving up is NOT an option!

CAUTION:  Always, always check with your physician BEFORE starting any exercise program!






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