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Form Letters You Can Use for COPD

Although these form letters can be used at any time, special mailing requests are sent out at least once a year with a specific, and different letter, with a targeted purpose in mind.  They are NOT posted here but rather are attached to our e mail mail request sent to you.

Remember: It's important you Speak Out and Speak Up about this disease; especially for those who cannot speak for themselves.  If you're reluctant to do it for yourself; do it for them.  

NOTE:  Canada Post provides "FREE mailing privileges" to the following:

  • Members of the Senate

  • Members of the House Of Commons

  • The Governor General or Secretary to the Governor General

  • Speaker or Clerk of the Senate or House of Commons

  • Parliamentary Librarian or Associate Parliamentary Librarian

Mail to the Provincial Health Ministers is NOT FREE



COPD Day  FORM LETTER -  Current  (2012)

to be used for World COPD 2012 (Please copy and paste this letter into your own word processing program and fill in the "red" areas with your own information.)

Click here for the letter


You can find out who your Provincial Health Minister is at




Letters Autumn 2010

(Results to date)

  Letter to Your Provincial Health Minister Re:  World COPD Day, 2010 (Do Not use after November)

  Letter to Your Provincial Health Minister re:  Rehab Need  2010


                                                   On-Going Letters

Letter to Your Provincial Minister of Health - You can check who your Health Min. is with his/her complete mailing address under Govt Contacts by Province. NOT Free Postage

- Letter to your  Member of Parliament.  To find out who YOUR MP is for your area, enter your POSTAL CODE at this site. under Current Parliamentarians. FREE Postage

- Letter to the Canadian Minister of Health -  FREE Postage

- Letter to your local newspaper.            NOT Free Postage 

- Form Letter for Dr.s,  Clinicians, RT's etc.             NOT Free Postage     


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