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This site & the information contained herein

2005 - 2015

National Report Card for COPD - Canada as a Whole  (Individual provincial links are below)

Note: The information contained herein (by province and Canada as a whole), has been extracted from  Canadian Lung Association's, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD):a "National Report Card, 2005." 

Public Awareness & Attitudes:

  • National Awareness - 45%
  • Unsympathetic towards smokers -% not reported
  • 96% believe COPDer's should have access to the best medications

Did you know that 57% of Canadians overall are, or were, smokers.

Remember:  Even if you quit a number of years ago you can still develop (or have been developing) COPD

COPD Awareness in Canada Overall Compared to Other Diseases

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 45%

COPD - 17% (as an acronym)

Breast Cancer - 99%

HIV/AIDS - 98%

Alzheimer's Disease - 97%

Physician Awareness, Attitudes, Familiarity with CTS (Canadian Thoracic Society) Treatment Guidelines

  • 26% of the Dr's were familiar with CTS guidelines
  • 7% follow them all of the time
  • 21% Don't know what treatments are recommended by the guidelines

Access to and Use of Spirometry

  • 74% of the physicians acknowledged access to spirometry testing
  • 35% of the physicians have used spirometry to diagnose COPD
  • 19% of physicians are comfortable interpreting the results.


  • Only 1.2%  (8,568) of the 714,000 "diagnosed" COPD patients in this report card are able to participate in Rehab programs due to lack of funding
  • Not all of the provinces fund the recommended (by the CTS - Canadian Thoracic Society) medicines required for the proper treatment of COPD.
How did YOUR province rate?

(Note:  You may have to "double click" the provincial boxes)


 Note:  Click here to view the Lung Association's FULL report card  Health Canada's Website

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